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Chloe Alexander | Printmaker, Illustrator & Dreamer

My work is a form of story-telling. Inspired by the rich, high contrast illustrations found in
illuminated texts, graphic novels, and children’s fairy tales, the often-whimsical imagery and
characters that I create are meant to provoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity within the viewer. 
I love printmaking because as a process based medium, it requires constant problem solving that influences the image making process. In tandem with the history of print as an art form, I aspire to communicate using visual language, which can transcend the prescriptive and often ephemeral nature of spoken words. My hope is that a broad audience is able to access the universality of the motifs that I employ, and once immersed in these visual narratives, will then add to, alter, or reimagine the intent of the imagery based on their own assumptions or personal experiences.

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